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In any business or organization efficiency, effectiveness and reliability are some of the aspects that make impact on the success of the business. If you are looking for an efficient system then considering the services of The IT Support Group. We are made of experienced and skilled technicians who have worked for some of the most reputable firms in the world such as IBM and Dell. We are the best in the industry and we strive to exceed customer expectations while giving exceptional quality service. Some of the features that make us outstanding include

Proactive solutions

Our team of experts offers proactive solutions to your IT problems; we understand how tedious it can be contacting IT providers to fix the same problem time and time again. The technicians will give an ultimate solution that will last for long if not forever. All you have to do is contact our support team who will ask you several questions to underline the root cause of the problem. We do not offer quick! The IT Support Group is about quality and excellent service.

Data security and privacy

One of the main concerns of companies seeking IT support services is the security of their data, data breach can occur anytime and it is imperative the business information is kept a secret by the service provider. Our technicians adhere to data protection acts of 2003 and 1983; as much as we follow the laws, we also give you a non-disclosure agreement form that is signed by both parties to ensure that the security of the information is private.


One of the aspects that make us different from any other IT support firms is that our technicians are tech savvy and versatile, they can work on both Windows, and Apple operated computers and gadgets.

Real time connectivity

Our support team is geared towards delivering the best services to the customers, when you call our London business telephone systems you will be connected to a real person who will be able to handle all your issues at hand. We have automated most of the items and our technology is top notch coupled with state of the art equipments. However, we cannot automate communication systems because we believe in a personal touch to a solution or any problem. Moreover, the support team will give you guidance on what is expected and the solution to the problem.

Impeccable response time

One of the major determinants of efficiency is how fast a team of experts can respond to an emergency. We believe in fast, reliable, and efficient service, The IT Support Group has a reputation of timely services. When a client calls for an emergency our team of experts will be in your premise within an hour or so. We are flexible and will offer IT solutions no matter what time you contact our firm.


Our technicians are experienced, well trained, and certified, they can handle all hardware and software problems. Since they have been in operation for a long time, they understand some of the common problems that are experienced by companies and business. If we realize that we cannot offer the best service for a certain matter because of complexity, we will inform the customer immediately.

New generation IT solutions

With the dawn of a new day technology also changes, there is emergence of new tech that is geared towards improving the systems performance. On the contrary, most business have not embraced the changes because of the fear of service quality or the cost. Working with The IT Support Group guarantees you exceptional service and competitive price. Our team of experts is always testing the new technologies to understand their different aspects and the possible problems that the clients might face. We will give you detailed information about the software and hardware that will work best with your company or business.

Transparency and fair pricing

Some companies pay hidden costs for an IT firm without knowing , the costs indicated on the quote is what we will charge we will not introduce new charges once you have signed the contract as many IT firms do. We have a comprehensive pricing model that offers guidance about all the costs. Our support team will give you a quote before we begin working with you, the pricing will be comprehensive, and you can ask all the questions before we dispatch our technicians to your premise. Some of the aspects that determine pricing include complexity of the problem and the duration it will take to fix.

We value long lasting relationships

When working with new and existing clients we strive to form a bond that will last long, we interact with our clients on a personal level. This has prompted most of the customers we have served to refer us to more clients because of the kind of service they receive. We have symbiotic relationship with our clients and will always try to exceed customer expectations.

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